Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Here’s Why NetSuite Is a Better Replacement Than Intacct

As your company grows and graduates from QuickBooks, selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is critical. Here’s why NetSuite is the best option for the long term.For every successful company, there comes a time when the decision must be made to either continue using their on-premises software solutions or upgrade to a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. Whether the company is pre-revenue, in the early stages of growth, or ready to move to the next level, QuickBooks or on-premises systems may hold it back from achieving any long-term goals.For organizations that started out on basic financial systems like QuickBooks, this realization arises when companies begin to expand their customer bases, open multiple subsidiaries, take on outside investment, expand globally, and/or go public. Individually, each of these steps requires a more complex technology infrastructure. Collectively, these steps all but require an ERP platform that can effectively run a growing company’s end-to end operations. Whatever the motive behind the switch, the software selection process may come down to NetSuite vs. Sage Intacct. While the two solutions may look similar from afar, they differ greatly in terms of functionality, scalability and total cost of ownership. This guide explores the key reasons why
NetSuite is a better long-term solution to replace QuickBooks than Intacct and how an experienced implementation partner can help companies extract the biggest benefit from moving to a unified cloud ERP system

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