Seamless Construction Payment Management

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AIA Billing Solution

Streamlined Payment Processing Made Effortless.

As the cornerstone of construction invoicing, AIA Billing is an integral process to manage payment efficiently. From generating accurate AIA Form documents to automating billing cycles, tracking project progress, and ensuring industry compliance, our solution streamlines the entire payment workflow.

Gain control, accuracy, and peace of mind as you optimize your construction financials with NetSuite’s AIA Billing Solution.

Efficient Form Generation

Generate AIA Form 702 + 703 for accurate and compliant payment and billing processes for your organization.

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Retainage Tracking

Adjust Retainage values and Retained Item data for invoicing and fulfillment at each step in the project process.

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On-Site Material Identification

Keep a detailed record of construction materials through the end-to-end delivery and use processes.

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Progress-Based Invoicing

Streamline your invoice generation with accurate and accessible billing processes and project progress.

Key Features

  • Timely Payment Tracking

    Real-time visibility into project progress and payment status is key to tracking payments and identifying delays.

  • Enhanced Compliance

    Ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations and standards, minimizing the risk of disputes or legal issues.

  • Accurate Project Costing

    Access precise billing data integration for refined budgeting, resource allocation, and pricing strategies.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Improve payment transparency and accurate invoicing for enhanced trust and loyalty as well as faster dispute resolution.

  • Project Insights

    View real-time analytics for comprehensive visibility and informed strategic decisions based on payment data.

  • Adaptive Scalability

    Our solution accommodates projects of varying sizes and complexities for seamless adaptation.

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Building Efficiency with NetSuite

Beyond Cloud’s AIA Billing Solution is designed to build upon your organization’s NetSuite instance.

By consolidating your records, progress, invoices, and service items within a cohesive system, you’ll have access to automation and complete control where needed.

A construction lot with two workers - there's a phone with a NetSuite UI.

Industry Applications

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