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Consignment Solution

Unlock Growth and Elevate Inventory Control with NetSuite.

Our Consignment Solution empowers Consignees and Consignors with comprehensive tools to optimize consignment processes, including tracking consigned items to ensuring accurate settlements and timely payments.

With real-time visibility into consignment inventory levels, sales, and financials, businesses can make informed decisions, reduce excess inventory, and enhance overall supply chain performance.

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We provide your organization access to accurate inventory tracking to optimize your end-to-end business processes.

Automated Reports

Generate reports and invoices for your organization, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay competitive.

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Multi-Site Management

Track inventory, sales, and commission payments across locations, logging transfers and users across multiple sites.

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Contract Renewal Notifications

Automatically send out reminders for contract renewals with consignors and clients to maintain strong relationships.

Key Features

  • Improved Supplier Relations

    Collaborative arrangements foster stronger relationships with suppliers, leading to better terms and faster response times.

  • Optimized Inventory Levels

    Maintain the right amount of inventory without overstocking or facing shortages, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    Introduce new products quickly, facilitating faster time-to-market and customer retention.

  • Accurate Accounting

    Integrated accounting features ensure accurate record-keeping, transparent financial reporting, and efficient settlements.

  • Adaptive Scalability

    Adjust inventory levels based on demand fluctuations, enabling seamless scaling without the risk of overstocking.

  • Customized Offerings

    Tailor your consigned offerings to customer preferences and profiles, enhancing customer satisfaction.

A selection of consignment items including clothes, shoes, and watches, as well as tablet with the Consignment UI.

A Perfect Fit for Your Consignment.

Whether you’re a supplier or a consignor, our Consignment Solution ensures transparency, accuracy, and profitability in every consignment transaction.

Elevate your business with NetSuite and experience streamlined operations, improved relationships, and increased bottom-line results.

A selection of consignment items including clothes, shoes, and watches, as well as tablet with the Consignment UI.

Industry Applications

Assorted luxury jewelery.
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Assorted clothes and accessories.

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