Revolutionize Rental Management with NetSuite.

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Rental Management Solution

Complete Visibility on Your Rental Revenue Stream.

Efficiently managing rentals has never been more critical – our Rental Management Solution sets out to seamlessly integrate your operations into a unified platform.

Maximize asset utilization, reduce rental cycle times, and elevate customer satisfaction with real-time insights and streamlined workflows. With NetSuite, your business will optimize resource allocation, improve rental availability for your clients, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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Optimize the utilization of rental assets, efficiently allocating equipment, vehicles, and facilities to reduce downtime.

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Expedite the rental checkout process with automated contracts, electronic signatures, and streamlined billing.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports and analytics on rental performance, customer preferences, and asset utilization.

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Maintenance Tracking

Monitor the servicing of rental assets to ensure optimal condition for each rental, reducing breakdowns.

Key Features

  • Contract Management

    Access and track contracts, signatures, and approvals with clients all within NetSuite.

  • Multi-Location Tracking

    Track your company's inventory and stock across numerous rental locations.

  • Invoice Generation

    NetSuite automatically generates invoices for clients based on your inputs and parameters.

  • Automatic Renewal Notices

    Your ERP dashboard will send you alerts for renewal of expiry of contracts, maintaining timely payment and returns.

  • Automatic Document Generation

    Automate the generation of payment collection, invoices, and statements.

  • Inventory Status Updates

    Receive Inventory back and track condition, repairs, and maintenance through the rental cycle.

A UI for rental management on a computer monitor in front of a construction zone with two bulldozers.

A New Era of Efficiency and Growth

Your Rental Management dashboard contains every aspect of the rental process so your organization can manage all operational aspects from order placement and inventory tracking to billing and customer engagement.

With real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting, your organization will elevate your rental business to new heights.

A UI for rental management on a computer monitor in front of a construction zone with two bulldozers.

Industry Applications

Neon vests for construction.
Wedding venue with chapel, plants, and chairs.
A bulldozer and dump truck.

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