World-class Training Fellowship

This world-class training fellowship takes you from a graduate to a professionally certified NetSuite consultant in 24 months. You’ll be working on meaningful business transformations and reaping the benefits of all the exposure while working into a market-leading salary. You’ll also be collaborating with industry experts, guidance, and training to achieve long-term and short-term goals at a workplace that cares about your work-life balance.



What's In It for You

What Do We Offer?

    • A long-term career, not just a training program.
    • A detailed career plan that takes you to six figures in 2 years.
    • NetSuite Professional Qualifications.
    • Live Client Project Exposure from the start.
    • A structured responsibility training program to build confidence and experience.
    • Interesting Clients in many different industries.
    • Flexible schedule.
    • Fully Remote Work Environment.
    • Social Events.

What Are The Benefits?

    • Competitive Salary.
    • Regular Increases.
    • Variable Performance Bonus.
    • Sick Days.
    • PTO
    • Health Benefits.

For you

Career Development

Your Career Path

We value our people; at the end of the day, business is personal. Our leadership is committed to the development of every employee. Our team provides the support, accountability, mentorship, advice, and training you need to thrive in a competitive environment. In the next two years, you will evolve, and grow, impacting our organization directly by managing teams and client relationships.

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