Beyond Cloud Consulting x Fuuz®
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Beyond Cloud x Fuuz® by MFGx

Igniting Implementation Innovation on the Factory Floor.

Our partnership with Fuuz® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables companies of all sizes in gaining full visibility into their operations, while automating manual processes all integrated within NetSuite.

In the age of Industry 4.0, where every device holds the potential to contribute valuable data, Fuuz provides capacity to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape. It seamlessly links disparate data sources and enables continuous, real-time data flow.

Fuuz® and Manufacturing

An icon of a car.

Discrete Manufacturing

The manufacturing process of finished distinct product items – including automobiles, furniture, toys, smartphones, and more.

An icon of a conveyor belt with several boxes on top.

Process Manufacturing

Production involving the creation of goods from combinations of supplies, ingredients, or raw materials following a recipe or formula. Examples include food products, drugs, and others.

Batch Manufacturing

The simultaneous production of a batch of identical products, made by mixing or blending components. Examples include, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Fuuz® Apps and Tools

Various vehicles being assembled.
A factory with various bottles being filled.
Forms of transportation and shipping containers.
A warehouse full of cardboard boxes of inventory.

A Strong Partnership Between Trailblazers.

Words from Representatives of both Companies.

“Beyond Cloud has played an integral role in some of the largest and most complex NetSuite implementations around the globe.

Their extensive capabilities are good news for Fuuz customers who require rapid deployment and integration in complicated manufacturing environments. We are excited to add Beyond Cloud to our growing network of integration partners.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott

Founder and CEO - Fuuz®

“We are pleased to announce the formalization of our partnership with MFGx, marking a significant strategic achievement for both our organization and, more importantly, our clients.

The integration of Fuuz, the preeminent Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform within the NetSuite ecosystem, provides our clients with an unprecedented extension of operational capabilities.

This collaboration empowers organizations to enhance their production processes and proactively future-proof their operations.”

Brent Veit

Brent Veit

VP of Sales and Partner Strategy - Beyond Cloud Consulting

Learn More About Fuuz® by MFGx​.

Our partners on the Fuuz® team are dedicated to igniting innovation and solving complex operational challenges. Just like us, they are dedicated to “fabricating” a connected ecosystem for smooth, automated and data-driven business operations.

Visit their website to learn more about their cloud-based MES system, Connectors, and more.

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