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A laptop displaying the Core Deposit Framework solution.

Core Deposit Framework Solution

Simplifying Core Inventory Systems with NetSuite.

Our Core Deposit Framework Solution simplifies operations by automating the generation of core deposits and charges during order creation.

By offering crediting options based on core collection and charges, along with ensuring tax accountability, it enhances accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience.

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Full Inventory Accuracy

Automatically classify inventory items while associating attached cores as ‘charge” items to keep item counts accurate and up-to-date.

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Track and Process Returns + Charges

Create dual inventorial updates when a product is returned or has reached end-of-life, logging both inventory and charge updates.

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Full NetSuite ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate this solution in your ERP and customize data and interface to accommodate your unique business workflow.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Operations

    Our solution automates the management of core deposits, reducing manual tasks and streamlining operations.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Ensure greater accuracy in tracking and reconciling core deposits throughout your operational workflow.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Take advantage of complete core accountability throughout the product's life-cycle.

  • Efficient Return System

    Streamlined returns system for customers that incorporates automated charges and inventory updates.

  • Seamless Deposit Creation

    Automated core deposit and charge generation concurrently with order creation.

  • Tracked Charges

    Track charges and costs directly in your customized NetSuite instance.

A tablet displaying the core deposit framework solution in front of a background of car parts in a warehouse.

Transform your Operations.

Whether dealing with core deposits with manufactured products and assembly lines, damaged or recycled items in wholesale distribution, or any other industry instance – our solution is fully customizable.

Leverage an optimized interface as well as the significant data your company needs to ensure a successful workflow for your team.

A tablet displaying the core deposit framework solution in front of a background of car parts in a warehouse.

Industry Applications

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