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How Ottimate Empowers Construction Clients.

February 8, 2024

Building AP Automation for Construction with our Partnership with Ottimate.

We previously announced our strategic partnership with Ottimate, experts in end-to-end AP Automation software; today we’re excited to showcase direct benefits to financial processes for our Construction clients!

AP Automation AI for Construction

Ottimate for construction seamlessly integrates with your NetSuite implementation to provide a single ERP instance with virtually limitless customizations, hassle-free approvals, and seamless integrations. Ottimate’s main features for Construction include:

  • Invoice Automation – a single automated workflow process from ingestion to capture to coding to approval for all invoices across multiple jobs.
  • 2 & 3-Way PO Match – automatically link invoices to the corresponding PO and receipt through AI and machine learning.
  • VendorPay – schedule payments via check, ACH, or virtual card and earn cashback with a single click.
  • Custom Approvals – create rules by any dimension, project, job code, and more, ensuring every invoice & payment is approved.
  • AP Anywhere – Scan invoices, route for approval, message contractors, and approve payments from any job site.

Ottimate’s Always Talking with NetSuite

With deep integration capabilities, detailed mapping, and source documentation links, Ottimate keeps everything up-to-date in both directions. We’re looking forward to leveraging Ottimate’s powerful integration in our Construction Clients’ ERP implementations to empower them with strong accounting and AP tools to let their business prosper.

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Building AP Automation Excellence for Construction
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