Simplify Loan Management with NetSuite.

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Loan Management Solution

Full Loan Access all within NetSuite.

Our Loan Management Solution is designed to support your organization in effortlessly managing each variable in the loan life cycle from start to end.

We transform NetSuite’s native functionality to streamline your business’s financial and operational requirements from loan management to product financing and more.

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Transactions made on your organization’s loans can be modified and updated across NetSuite in real-time.

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Arrangement Access

Your Loan Arrangement contains all elements of your loan, with parameters automated within your Amortization Schedule.

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Loan Customization

Take comprehensive control of your organization’s end-to-end loan processes – from payment to draw to extensions and more.

Simplified Interest Tracking

Access interest accumulation from its unique Loan Interest Journal and produce sample reports to summarize metrics.

Key Features

  • End-to-End Loan Tracking

    Control and monitor each step of the loan process.

  • Amortization Schedule Automation

    Automate and adjust the amortization schedule for clients.

  • Principal and Interest Separation

    NetSuite automatically differentiates between payment types.

  • Automatic Debit/Credit Payment

    Charge and collect loan payments automatically regardless of method.

  • Late Payment Process Automation

    Take control of late payments with automated late fee and interest charges.

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Dynamic Loan Management

Manage your entire loan lifecycle on a unified platform that enhances operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Automate loan processes, track borrower information, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Revolutionize your loan management operations with NetSuite and elevate your financial operations to new heights.

Two people shaking hands over a table of various financial tools.

Industry Applications

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