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Material Inventory
Optimization Solution

Optimal Material Distribution with Automation.

Introducing our innovative Order Guides solution, where convenience meets efficiency. Now you can effortlessly place orders for items you’ve ordered in the past with just a few clicks.

Streamlining the process, this feature provides a user-friendly experience, saving you time and ensuring a seamless reorder experience. Elevate your ordering process with simplicity and speed, all at your fingertips.

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Automated Reordering

Take advantage of efficient reordering processes to promptly complete your organization’s sales orders.

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Enhanced Productivity

Save time and embrace productivity with a seamless automatic process for inventory replenishment, supplies ordering, and more!

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User-Friendly Interface

Seamlessly integrated in NetSuite, make dynamic edits and adjustments at any time.

Key Features

  • Increased Accuracy

    Minimize errors by ensuring that users consistently select the right items. The solution promotes accuracy in orders, reducing the risk of mistakes associated with manual selection.

  • Order History Insights

    Leverage insights from past orders to make informed decisions. Access historical purchase data, facilitating better purchasing decisions.

  • Supplier Relationship Management

    Strengthen relationships with suppliers by ensuring consistent and timely orders. Facilitate smoother communication and collaboration between businesses and their suppliers.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Access and utilize Order Guides -on-the-go with mobile compatibility, empowering users to manage orders wherever they are.

Order Guides UI displayed on a desktop monitor next to a graphic of a shopping cart on a laptop.

All Present and Accounted For.

Unlock efficient, streamlined procurement tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Dive into a comprehensive overview of order history and customize your order with specialized recommendations.

Order Guides UI displayed on a desktop monitor next to a graphic of a shopping cart on a laptop.

Industry Applications

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