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Royalties and Licensing

Streamlining the Licensing Process with NetSuite.

Our Royalties and Licensing Solution is designed to revolutionize management and monetization of intellectual property.

From tracking sales and usage to automating royalty calculations and payments, business can ensure accurate and timely compensation for content creators, authors, artists, and licensors.

Automatic Royalty Calculations

Automated complex royalty calculations based on sales, usage, or other defined metrics, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

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Contract Management

Centralize and manage licensing agreements, terms, and renewal dates, ensuring compliance and avoiding missed opportunities.

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Simplified Reporting

Generate detailed reports summarizing historical data and projections, including revenue distribution and performance analysis.

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Improved Partner Relationships

Accurate and transparent royalty management fosters trust and strengthens relationships with licensors.

Key Features

  • Flexibility in Pricing Models

    Easily accommodate various pricing models, such as flat fees, percentages, or tiered royalties, tailored to specific agreements.

  • Accurate Payment Disbursement

    Ensure timely and accurate payment disbursement to licensors, authors, and content creators, enhancing trust and collaboration.

  • Rights Management

    Manage rights and usage permissions associated with licensed content, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal complications.

  • Auditing and Compliance

    Maintain accurate records and data for compliance purposes, reducing risks associated with licensing disputes and audits.

  • Enhanced Financial Control

    Maintain transparency in financial transactions, royalties, and payments, reducing disputes and errors.

  • Integration with Financials

    Seamlessly integrate royalty and licensing data with your financial system, ensuring accurate accounting and reporting.

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Elevate Intellectual Capital.

Gain real-time insights into licensing revenue, contractual obligations, and performance metrics, enabling strategic decision-making and stronger business relationships.

Maximize the value of your IP while minimizing administrative burdens, fostering growth, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Various paint samples and logo design with a tablet with the Royalties UI.

Industry Applications

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