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Change Order Solution

Transforming Projects with Ease.

Change is inevitable in the dynamic realm of project management. Our tailored Change Order solution empowers businesses to embrace change with ability and precision.

From initiation and approval to documentation and financial impact assessment, every step is streamlined and accessible from your ERP for enhanced project control.

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Efficient Project Management

Establish standardized change management porocesses that are seamlessly integrated into the project lifecycle.

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Complete Budget Control

Monitor financial impact and cost changes associated with change orders, enabling better budget control and allocation.

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Client Satisfaction

Showcase transparent and timely project changes and deadlines to clients to demonstrate professionalism and responsiveness.

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Resource Optimization

Allocate resources more effectively by considering the impact of change orders on project timelines, and materials.

Key Features

  • Isolate Changes

    Compile and isolate changes for accurate project tracking and post-project analysis.

  • Financial Impact Analysis

    Directly control and output financial metrics and costs with project factors and change orders.

  • Integrated Approval Process

    Assign project roles to corresponding staff, customizing dashboards and user privileges accordingly.

  • Customer Record Visibility

    Improve payment transparency and accurate invoicing for enhanced trust and loyalty as well as faster dispute resolution.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    View real-time analytics for comprehensive visibility and informed strategic decisions based on payment data.

  • Project Continuity

    Our solution accommodates projects of varying sizes and complexities for seamless adaptation.

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Empower Change with NetSuite.

Experience enhanced project control, minimized disruptions, and accurate financial insights to ensure projects evolve seamlessly while maintaining transparency and compliance.

Our solution will give your organization the flexibility to operate your business at maximum efficiency.

A group of construction workers discussing designs at a table.

Industry Applications

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